Welcome to XO Burgers: The Heart and Soul of Park Slope’s Dining Scene!

This isn't just a restaurant; it’s a symbol of community spirit and culinary innovation. Here, every burger represents more than a dish – it's a celebration of togetherness, exceptional quality, and the art of flavor

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Our Mission

Crafting Memories, One Burger at a Time

At XO Burgers, we believe in serving more than just great food. We offer a sanctuary where each bite is an embrace, a place where our passion for quality ingredients and heartfelt cooking creates not just meals, but memories. We're dedicated to making every visit a moment to cherish.

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A Symphony of Flavors Awaiting Your Palate!

Explore Our Menu at XO Burgers

A Symphony of Flavors Awaiting Your Palate!


Discover gourmet perfection with our burgers, where classics meet our unique 'Park Slope Special'. Crafted with premium local ingredients, each bite is a testament to culinary excellence.


Experience steak artistry with cuts chosen for quality and grilled to perfection. Our steaks, seasoned with our special blend, promise a succulent and unforgettable dining journey


Explore our fresh, vibrant salads, each a harmony of flavors and textures. From crisp greens to inventive toppings, our salads are dressed with house-made vinaigrettes, offering a delicious, healthful choice for every palate.


Delight in our creamy, artisanal milkshakes. From classic chocolate to the unique 'Caramelle Nuts', each shake is a fusion of rich flavors and sensory joy


Refresh with our vibrant, healthful smoothies, blending ripe fruits and natural ingredients for a nutritious, energizing treat – perfect for any time of day


Our Upcoming Events

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From Farm to Table with Love

Our burgers are a testament to local sourcing, brimming with freshness and flavor straight from nearby farms. This commitment enriches our community, supporting local growers and sustainable practices.